Non Non Biyori 16 (Engelstalig) - Manga

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Ichijo Hotaru
Fifth grade transfer student from Tokyo. Ever since she came here, every season has passed so quickly and so happily. She’ll be graduating in the blink of an eye.

Koshigaya Komari
Eighth grader at Asahigaoka Branch School. Graduation, huh…? Maybe she’ll cry when it’s her turn. She hasn’t given up on growing into a tall, proud woman by then.

Miyauchi Renge
First grader, the youngest of the five students at Asahigaoka Branch School. Nii-nii’s graduation makes her a teensy bit sad, even though she can see him any old time.

Koshigaya Natsumi
Seventh grader at Asahigaoka Branch School. Normally, graduation has you bawling your eyes out, right? She’s got nothing but great memories of school…except for tests.

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