Aphrodisiacs: The World of Ayumi Kaisai (Japanese Edition) - Paperback

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Sinking indulgence. Unstoppable eroticism.
Ayumi Kasai's art collection is finally here!

Ayumi Kasai is one of the most popular artists in the genre of Yaoi, or “Boys’ Love”, and is also a pioneer of that genre. This art book, with more than 300 pages, contains illustrations from Ayumi Kasai's Boys’ Love novels over the past 10 years, as well as her original work in the Dannahan to Chiwagenka (The Master & Lover’s Quarrel) series*, and over 250 illustrations, including some newly drawn for this book.
Every time you turn the page, you can enjoy the world of aesthetic beauty and eroticism created by Ayumi Kasai. It is like a dazzling Boys’ Love shunga picture scroll. Drown in the erotic yet elegant world of Boys’ Love.

*This book contains many sexual scenes.
*This book does not include all the works in the series.

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