Yarichin Bitch Club 05 (English) - Manga

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In an extracurricular experience gone hilariously wrong, innocent Takashi Tono accidentally joins a club of young men who put the “dick” in “valedictorian.”At an all-boys’ boarding school deep in the mountains, hapless transfer student Takashi Tono joins the Photography Club, only to learn too late that the club’s main extracurricular activity is offering its sexual services to the student body! Now that Takashi’s surrounded by bedroom aces, can this virgin survive a day, much less the whole school year, as part of the school’s most lascivious club? In a bid to stave off the sex quota required of the promiscuous Photography Club members, first-year Takashi Tono has protected his virginity by fake-dating fellow club member Yu Kashima. But while Kashima’s affections are real, Tono instead has a crush on his sweet-and-sour classmate Yacchan—as does club upperclassman Tamura! When confessions come to a head, hearts will break!

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