The Dark History of the Reincarnated Villainess 05 (English) - Manga

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Ginoford’s awake... which means I’ve tripped a duel-to-the death flag! Konoha Satou’s fantasy romance first began when she wrote the self-indulgent fic as a teen. But now that she is its most loathsome villainess, the details of her Dark History are a matter of life-and-death! To speed up Yomi’s recovery in the aftermath of Kagura’s ambush as a Knight of Schwartz, Iana and her companions bring him to Ginoford’s family manor to seek the assistance of Ginoford’s exroommate, Yatori. But his role in her original Dark History was to seduce Konoha while Ginoford was trapped in an eternal slumber—and challenge him to mortal combat should he ever awake...

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